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atlanta pre auction cocktails1.png  Annie       &   Amy   transparent.pngImg378.png                     "You two are absolutely fabulous- what energy & spice you added" -CEO Saks Fifth Avenue   

As Professionally trained and licensed Auctioneers, Real Estate Ranch Brokers and graduates of Stanford University,  Annie & Amy raise funds for National organizations & Foundations across the country. Featured on the cover of USA Today, the Washington Post, and the National Auctioneers Magazine, Annie & Amy have established themselves as a dynamic fundraising duo for Celebrity Fundraising Auction Events. Because of their entertainment background, these lively beauties bring a style & grace to any event  which makes the evening alot more fun and therefore more successful for all. 


Img379.pngoscar series with oscar a&a no.21.pngImg56.png                                         Let the Auction begin     Oscar De La Renta charming the audience  PHOTOS BY DENNIS NEELY


Img385.pngAmy & Annie W/ Kenny Rogers Save Lake Tahoe w/ Oscar de la Renta

"There is no one better than you two--watching you in action is watching artists at work!"                                                                 --CEO PBS Television  Pat Mitchell

Img395.pngImg396.pngImg32.png                                        Opening with the Anthem   Annie w/ Kenny Rogers singing "You Decorated My Life" Twin Auctioneer Banter                                               PHOTOS BY WOLF  

IN FLORIDA, WYOMING THEN NEW YORK WITH TOM BROKAW ...                                          

Img399.gifImg398.gifImg400.gifImg402.png                                 A & A won the "Gong Show" as little girls  singing the Auctioneer Song.  As Professional Auctioneers they open with their                    good luck song...                                                     PHOTOS BY WESTERN LIGHT PHOTO

Auctioning in New York at Cipriani's The Fabulous Team of Friends

 Specializing in Celebrity Fundraising Events, Annie & Amy have helped raise funds for Causes and Organizations across the country. Some Highlights include: Betty Ford Center, League to Save Lake Tahoe w/ Oscar de la Renta, Napa Valley Land Trust, Teen-age Pregnancy Prevention, Atlantic Salmon Federation, Nature Conservancy, Cowford Ball in FL, Cattle Baron's Ball, St Judes Hospital, Telfair Museum, Safari Club International, Children's Hospitals and more.

 Img79.png transparent.png   Front Page of USA Today                   &      Washington Post...    

Annie & Amy realize the importance of worthwhile fundraising projects which is why they make it their goal to surpass your fundraising goals!

        To reserve or schedule your Fundraising Auction date call NOW...               1-800-256-8620   or    Email:


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